For some people, today is a new start to the new year.  Moreso than the actual New Year Day, more than the first day of spring, maybe more than any holiday that comes around.  It's opening day for Major League Baseball!  It's considered a sacred day for any baseball fan and family to head to the ballpark and take in the sights, sounds, smells and more that accompanies the afternoon.  It really is a special day to enjoy.

Getting Your Grub, Drink and Fun On For The Day

While baseball won't start for us locally until June, we can all celebrate with the TV or radio and get in on the action.  Food is generally part of the action, along with something to wash it down.  Baseball fans will munch down on a lot when opening day gets to us.  Over 150,000 hot dogs, 32,250 plates of nachos, over 45,000 sausages, 25,000 pounds of peanuts and nearly 17,000 slices of pizza!  But it doesn't stop there!  9,000 bags of popcorn, 6,500 hamburgers and over 12,000 french fries!  What about washing all that food down?  More than 146,000 cups of soda and nearly 265,000 cups of beer!  That is a lot of pony kegs back in high school!

Through The Year Totals & A Petition To Make It A Holiday

The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council estimates that there will be over 26 million hot dogs eaten just this year at Major League Baseball stadiums.  They make up about 10% of the food and beverage sales.  The opening day starts it all off!  There has even been a petition started by Budweiser to make it a national holiday!  Over 102,000 people signed the petition!  How are you celebrating the day today?  Hit us up with our social media, the downloadable app below or email me here!  Hey batter, batter, SWING!

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