Growing up as a ranch kid, there are probably certain things that as a child we may have experienced long before someone in the city.  It might be learning to drive the family feeding vehicle, running a baler, swather or combine, or even the experience of receiving our first gun.

I still remember getting my first Daisy air rifle.  Shooting targets like paper plates or tin cans was a favorite past time for our family.  As I grew older, the weapons became larger, and instead of rabbits or snakes, it was elk, mule deer or whitetail to fill the freezers.

Practice Makes Perfect, But How Often Do We Really Do That?

If you have ever thought yourself somewhat of a "good shot" but then come across someone who really is a good shot will change your perspective a tad.  My wife, a former Olympic smallbore rifle shooter, embarrassed me so badly the first time we shot, it took a while before I would bring a gun back out for fun.  But after some practice, I've gotten better.  But practice isn't any fun, right?  You may want to check with a Montana world record holder before you think that.

Fastest Gun in the West - Montana's Very Own World Record Holder

In Lewistown, Montana, you will find one a memorial to one such man that took practice and pistol shooting to an entire new level.  So much so that one of his records from the 1930's still stands today.

Ed McGivern is considered one of the best hand gunners that ever lived.  McGivern holds the record for the "greatest rapid-fire feat" ever done, emptying 2 revolvers in less that 2 seconds.  Another record yet to be broken is firing 5 rounds in 2/5 of a second.  He was able to cover the group on the target with his hand.  Attempts to break this record have resulted in only one person coming close, recording a time of .57 seconds.  McGivern also set his record at the age of 57 years old.

Finding out more about this amazing feat and viewing this incredible memorial is easy.  Head to Lewistown, Montana for the Ed McGivern Memorial Campground located at the East Fork Dam, just south of Lewistown.  They offer 10 campsites to accommodate you, with plenty of fun to be had in Central Montana.  You can also check out Ed's book, entitled "Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting" published by Skyhorse Publishing.

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