Popular Event Returns To Montana

The Montana Winter Fair is a testament to its rich agricultural heritage and the cherished "Western way of life" that has shaped its identity in the heart of the Treasure State. Originating in 1946, this annual celebration symbolizes Montana's commitment to showcasing its world-class agricultural production.

Winter Fair History

Initially hosted in Bozeman every January from 1946 to 2002, the Montana Winter Fair found a new home in Lewistown, marking a pivotal chapter in its enduring legacy. Today, the fair continues flourishing, drawing participants of all ages from Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and beyond.

Winter Fair Events

The upcoming Montana Winter Fair promises a vibrant tapestry of over 20 events scattered across various venues in Lewistown. The Fergus County Fairgrounds, including the Trade Center, Pavilion Sale Barn, Pavilion Arena, and Draft Horse Barn, will serve as hubs of activity. Meanwhile, Main Street will come alive with events hosted at The Eagles, The Lewistown Art Center, and Celebration Fellowship Church.

Far more than a mere gathering, the Montana Winter Fair embodies a non-profit spirit driven by the passion of hundreds of dedicated volunteers within the Central Montana Community. Fueled by a commitment to preserving and promoting Montana's cultural heritage, these individuals work tirelessly to organize and produce this remarkable event.

As we anticipate the upcoming Montana Winter Fair, it's clear that this event is not just a tradition but a living testament to the values that define Montana. With roots dating back to 1946, the fair continues to evolve, embracing new participants and celebrating the enduring spirit of Montana's world-class agriculture and "Western way of life."

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