The annual Waterfowl Roundup at Gibson Park is a sure sign of fall in Great Falls.

If you've never been to this event, I'm telling you, you have to check it out.

As you can imagine, it's no easy task to round up a large flock of birds.

So, with that said, it never fails someone on the Parks and Recreation staff ends up taking a splash haha.

Gibson Park Gallery Below👇

The Backstory

Each year, a dedicated group of City workers dons their waders and wield rakes, strolling around the pond, gently guiding the flightless birds toward an enclosure.

Subsequently, the birds are carefully loaded onto a truck and transported to the northern section of the park, where they are released into their winter abode affectionately known as the "Honker Hilton."

The waterfowl at Gibson Park find refuge in this cozy haven during the chilly months, safeguarded because many of them have clipped wings.

The Park & Recreation staff diligently tend to their needs throughout the winter, ensuring their well-being.

Notably, the birds enjoy the luxury of an indoor pond within their winter residence.

Rest assured, when April rolls around, the waterfowl will be reintroduced to their outdoor pond.

 Waterfowl Roundup Details

  • Gibson Park
  • Friday, October 20th
  • 10:30 a.m.

With public schools in Great Falls not in session on Fridays, it's a perfect opportunity for families to come together and partake in this heartwarming roundup.

Gibson Park Gallery Below👇

For additional information or any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact the Park and Recreation office at (406) 771-1265.

Gibson Park Great Falls

Gallery Credit: Great Falls Montana Tourism

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