TSA Reports Astonishing Number Of Firearm Seized At Montana Airports

The Second Amendment is alive and well in Montana, with many residents relying on firearms for both hunting and self-defence.

But recent numbers released by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) show a surging number of firearm seizures at Montana airports.

Detection Rates and Consequences

TSA screened 858 million passengers in 2023, discovering firearms at a rate of 7.8 per million. Consequences for violators are at the discretion of the local airport law enforcement agency, including potential criminal citations and civil penalties.

Civil Penalties and Traveler Status

Civil penalties may be imposed by TSA, taking into account factors like loaded firearms and accessible ammunition. Violators risk losing Trusted Traveler status and TSA PreCheck® benefits, with the disqualification duration based on the severity of the offense.

Montana Records 59 Firearms in Carry-Ons, Bozeman-Yellowstone Airport Tops the List

In 2023, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers in Montana detected a record 59 firearms in travelers' carry-on luggage, with Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) leading the state. Nationally, TSA officers found a total of 6,737 firearms at 265 airports.

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Safe Firearm Transportation Guidelines

Firearms can only be transported in checked baggage, unloaded and in a locked, hard-sided case. Replica firearms are prohibited in carry-on baggage. Passengers must declare firearms, ammunition, and parts during the check-in process at the airline ticket counter.

Pre-Travel Preparations and TSA Resources

Travelers are urged to check local gun laws before flying and consult their airline for specific requirements. TSA provides information on firearm transportation and civil penalties on their website.

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