5 Ways To Save Money When Traveling In Montana.

Traveling for the Holiday's?  Maybe you are hosting, but someone has to travel.  Try to follow these 5 tips to help keep the cost as low as possible.

1.  Try Off Season Visits

Holiday visits can be expensive and trying to visit over Christmas can get spendy.  Especially when you plan a quick trip around the Holiday.  Try to expand your stay.  Airfare can cost a whole lot more when arriving on a Friday or leaving on a Sunday.  Check the price on that ticket if you were to book for a Wednesday departure instead.

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2.  Buy Early

Planning a trip is supposed to be fun, not stressful.  But buying airfare is tricky.  Buying too early can cost your more.  Buying too late can cost you more.  The best prices on airfare are around one and a half months before your travel date, but no more than five and a half months prior.  Keep an eye on this, airfare tends to spike the few weeks leading up to your potential departure date.

3.  Try Something New

Be openminded when looking for adventure.  Travel websites offer discounts on exclusive packages that might offer tours, alternate places on lodging, and savings on dining out.  Some travel websites will even notify you when savings are available, and most likely for a limited time.  Think about signing up for notifications when these type of packages are available to purchase.

4.  Minimize All The Fees

Those pesky fees can add up.  Before you know it, you are paying more than expected.  The airline company's are amazing at this.  Baggage, extra leg room, beverage and food vouchers, boarding early, and insurance on your ticket might seem like small extra fees, but they add up quickly.  Pay attention to all those fees, and be mindful.

5.  Flexibility Is A Must

There might be some options to save cash by just being flexible.  Maybe hotels are cheaper the next town over.  If you are traveling with multiple friends or family members try looking into a rental house and split the cost.  Then you have the option to cook meals instead of going out to restaurants.

And remember to be flexible, it doesn't have to be perfect.

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