How To Tell an Officer You Have a Firearm in Montana

With fall in the air, it means more Montana people will be heading out for hunting season.  It means more weapons in vehicles across the state.  What would happen if you were trying to get to that favorite hunting spot a little quicker and you exceed the speed limit, causing a highway patrol person to pull you over?

Do you know how to handle the situation without causing undue stress to you, your passengers, or the officer?

It Isn't Only Hunting Season That Is Affected During the Year

Sure, on paper there is probably more weapons per capita during hunting time than any other time out there.  But that doesn't mean we aren't carrying all the time.  Even if my wife is just running to a store quickly, she has her pistol.  Unfortunately, it is how we live in today's times it seems.  But if you are pulled over while carrying, you should know how to handle the situation with ease and peace of mind.

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Making It as Easy as Possible.  It Really is a No-brainer Folks.

Don't panic.  Remaining calm with help both you and the officer.  Do not reach for your weapon.  Always make sure that the officer can see your hands at all times.  Informing the officer is important, but do not reach for it once you have told them.  If they want to know more, or would like it removed, they will initiate that interaction.

Did I mention not to reach for the weapon?  And keeping your hands visible?  It seems like a no-brainer, but if it didn't happen, we wouldn't need to bring it up.  Always make sure with any interaction with law enforcement to remain calm, always face the officer with hands visible, and inform them of the firearm and its location within your transportation.

Easy stuff when it comes to carrying a weapon in your vehicle.  But there are other ways that can be beneficial to both you and law enforcement.  Keep reading for more ways to stay safe on our highways or anytime officers are involved.

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