Great Falls Fire Rescue (GFFR) has found itself amid a hectic period due to the recent Arctic cold snap that has gripped Great Falls. From January 12th to the 15th, GFFR has tirelessly responded to 100 calls for service. The range of incidents includes three working structure fires, one car fire, seven natural gas calls in structures, and five calls related to breaks in fire sprinkler systems.

Multiple Incidents on January 13th

On January 13th alone, GFFR faced a particularly challenging day, responding to two working structure fires three hours apart. The first fire erupted at 6:40 am at 1603 1st Ave N, a house divided into three apartments. Originating in the attic, the fire resulted in no injuries, but one apartment was deemed unlivable. The American Red Cross was notified to assist the affected occupants. The second fire occurred at 9:02 am at 1018 8th Ave S, another multi-family residence. With the fire starting in the basement, no residents were injured, and none were displaced. While the cause of the first fire was determined to be electrical, the investigation into the second fire is still ongoing.

Morning Fire on January 14th

Adding to the challenges, on the morning of January 14th at 7:32 am, GFFR responded to a fire at 1127 7th Ave N. Upon arrival, they discovered a fire in the wall and floor of the kitchen. The cause of this fire was also determined to be electrical. Fortunately, the home's occupants escaped injury and remained livable.

Battling the Elements

Throughout this demanding period, the crews of Great Falls Fire Rescue faced a high volume of incidents and had to contend with the harsh winter conditions. Frozen fire hoses, tools, and fire engines posed additional challenges. Despite these hardships, the dedicated crews of GFFR have continued to adapt, ensuring fire and life safety protection for the citizens of Great Falls. Their commitment to public safety remains unwavering even in the face of adverse weather conditions.


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