Amid a steady stream of distressing headlines concerning mass shootings, terrorist attacks, hate crimes, and natural disasters, the collective unease for personal safety and loved ones continues to mount.

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As of publishing this article, the city of Great Falls is actively seeking a public safety mill levy to tackle this issue.

While some of the pandemic-related concerns have eased, new worries, such as rising homicide rates and severe weather events, have taken their place.


The economic front is not without its challenges either, with the government's efforts to combat inflation causing financial apprehensions.

For many Americans, the quest for safety is closely linked to where they live.

Check Out Where Montana Ranks Below👇

To identify the safest states in the United States, WalletHub undertook an extensive analysis, scrutinizing all 50 states across 52 critical safety indicators grouped into five distinct categories.

These indicators encompass a wide range of factors, from incidents of assault per capita to the economic fallout from climate-related disasters per capita and the state's unemployment rate.

How State Saftey Was Ranked

Personal & Residential Safety - Total Points: 40

Financial Safety - Total Points: 15

Road Safety - Total Points: 15

Workplace Safety - Total Points: 15

Emergency Preparedness - Total Points: 15

Subsequently, the study computed a weighted average for each state across all these metrics to derive an overall safety score. These scores were then employed to establish the rankings for the states under consideration.

Here's Where Montana Ranks

Source: WalletHub

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