Imagine Only Flying Four Times in Your Life from Montana

I had to rub my eyes and adjust the glasses on my face after reading about a recent poll from the research firm of Consumer Science and Analytics Institute.  In the poll they asked French residents how to help with climate change in the world.  The answer had me both laughing and crying.

French people resoundingly agreed to the tune of near 41% of those polled would limit how many times you could fly.  Not only limit it to per month or year but limit it for your lifetime.

How Many Times Have You Flown in Just This Year Alone?

Great Falls ranks in the top 5 of the 15 major airports in the state.  It would seem that it gets a fair bit of use.  But what if you could only fly four times in your entire lifetime?  How would it affect you and how you travel?

Even if you don't travel that much via air, this could put a huge wrinkle in any type of vacation or business type venture, especially if you are living in the state.

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Does The Limit Include Business or Goods Being Flown?

It makes for a weird scenario for many.  Limiting the number of flights one person can take?  What about the business professionals that must travel constantly?  What about the freight that is moved via air travel?  Would it affect those also?

What are your thoughts on limiting air travel to citizens?  How many times do you think you would be able to fly in your lifetime?  Would four be enough?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, the app chat feature or via email here.

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