This Montana Airport Scores Big with Private Celebrity Fliers

Montana is a playground.  Sure, we that actually live here, work here.  But for many people, especially celebrity or the well to do types all come here for one reason.  To relax, kick back and enjoy the Big Sky Country.

To that end, it means that they have to have a way to get here.  As with most, they are flying in, whether commercial or private.  But where are they landing at in Montana?  What location is making a splash across the country for these celebrities?

This Shouldn't Be a Surprise, Unless You've Been a Hermit for Awhile

Where are those celebrities and big wigs spending their time?  It could be many a place in reality with as much as there is across the state to enjoy.  From parks like Glacier, to mountains like the Big Belts, to world class fishing, skiing and waterways to enjoy.

But the biggest place they are flocking and flying to?  Bozeman, Montana.  With the likes of Big Sky nearby, or Yellowstone National Park just a short drive away, this city is the biggest in the state for private jets to fly into currently.

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Not Only Big in Montana, But Also the United States

In a recent article from Business Insider, the Gallatin Field not only ranks number one in Montana, but it ranks number 3 overall in the United States for private planes to land at.  Over 7,000 flights have come into this Bozeman airfield.

Montana only ranks behind Aspen at number one and Jackson Hole at number 2 on the list, pretty impressive for a fairly small airport.  Have you flown into this landing area?

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