Montana's Largest State Park Hosting Moonlight Hikes

As summer begins to make its way toward Montana, we look to the outdoors for our entertainment.  Most of those activities are during the day.  Being able to see Big Sky Country is of course a huge draw.

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But enjoying those big skies is also possible at night.  Montana offers some of the best light pollution free skies anywhere to see what the stars offer us.  Now you can plan a trip around celestial happenings at the largest park in the state.

Finding Beauty in The Badlands of Eastern Montana at Night

Peeking at those pinholes in the curtain of the night is made easy at Montana's largest state park, the Makoshika State Park, located near Glendive, MT.  The park features badland formations, and the fossil remains of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and other prehistoric life. website website

According to Fish, Wildlife and Parks in Montana, "the park offers special events throughout the year, including Montana Shakespeare in the Park, Friday night campfire programs and youth programs in summer, and the famous Buzzard Day festival, the second Saturday in June, featuring 10k & 5k races, a fun run, jumping house, food, disc golf tournament, hikes and more."

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Time To Load Up, turn on the Headlamps and Enjoy Montana Nighttime

Ready to head out into the dark and enjoy the brightness of a full moon under the Big Sky of Montana?  It's super easy to find your way.  Located in eastern Montana, the Makoshika State Park is located just outside of Glendive:


Google Maps
Google Maps

Moonlight hikes are being offered six separate times this year at the park.  Dates for those hikes through the spring and summer can be found here.

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