I think we all do this but might not admit it.  We sometimes forget what we have available to us, even if we drive by the sign numerous times.  Montana has a rich, vast history.  A lot of this history is available for us to go explore and get some real hands on experiences you might not find anywhere else.  If you live in Great Falls or in the surrounding area, we have one of those historical landmarks we might take for granted.  First Peoples buffalo Jump State Park.

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This National Historic Landmark is possible the largest bison jump in the United States.  Native people used this site for at least 1000 years stampeding buffalo over the sandstone cliff.  There is up to 18 feet of compacted buffalo remains below the cliff.

The Visitors Center offers on site educational exhibits, storytelling, classroom style activities, and much more.  There is even an outdoor amphitheater used periodically along with traditional games playing fields. There is pretty much everything offered when it comes to outdoor activities.

  • Hiking
  • Museum
  • Sightseeing
  • Picnicking
  • Bow Hunting
  • Bird Watching
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Photography
  • Upland Bird Hunting

The trails are well maintained and even pet friendly.  First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park is day use only and you can find more on the Seasons & hours here.  Some fees do apply but if you are a Montana resident who paid the $9 State parks fee with your vehicle registration, you do not have an entrance fee.

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park is truly a unique experience and it is just a short drive out of Great Falls.  I encourage all to explore this great park.  To find out more about First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park go here.

First Peoples Buffalo Jump



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