Montana Makes New Effort to Help with Childcare Costs

Raising a child and family has never been a cheap endeavor.  Ever.  But with the cost of everything going the roof as of late, it has become even more daunting to have little ones running about the home.

For Montana families, a new program kicking in on March 1st, 2024, will be a welcoming hand for those in need across the state.

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Montana Governor and DPHHS Team For Relief For Families

In a press release on February 21, 2024, Governor Gianforte's office announced a new endeavor with the Department of Health and Human Services with the program taking effect on March 1st of this year for help with childcare costs.

The new program is called Best Beginnings Childcare Scholarship Program.  In the release Gov. Gianforte said:

Montana’s early childhood providers support hardworking families, strengthen our economy, and build a brighter future for our state,” Gov. Gianforte said. “This is a crucial investment in our childcare system to ensure providers and families have the support they need to get the services they require.

Beginning on March 1st, this new increased subsidy rate will allow all licensed and registered childcare providers who accept BBCCS to receive the rate increase for eligible clients the program serves.

Gov. Gianforte signed House Bill 648 into law in 2023

The rate increase is possible after Gov. Gianforte signed House Bill 648 last year to increase funding for the Best Beginnings Scholarship program, expanding access to childcare for hundreds of young Montanans.

In explaining about the new program, the release states:

The increased rates will help childcare providers better cover costs associated with the care they provide, while also stabilizing the childcare workforce and providing families with improved access to childcare.

To find out more about this new program, follow the link here.

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