Montana Governor Offers Hope for Those Facing Tax Problems

As the dreaded day came and went, many people are already looking ahead to next year and the Tax Day.  But for those that need a little extra time to pay those taxes, the day is still fresh in their mind.

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For property owners in Montana, the Property Tax Assistance Program and the Montana Disabled Veterans Property Tax Assistance Programs were slated to be due on April 15th, but that date has been extended.

Montana Governor Extends Those Dates to Help Property Owners

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte announced that the deadline to apply for those programs would be extended to June 1st, 2024.  According to a press release, the Governor said that "“Property taxes are too high, and homeowners deserve relief.  In an effort to provide property tax relief to Montanans, we worked with the legislature to provide rebates and programs to offset the cost of rising property taxes. It’s great to announce we’re extending the deadline to June 1 for eligible Montanans to apply for relief programs.”

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To be eligible, PTAP is open to individuals who meet certain criteria based on home ownership, occupancy requirements, and income qualifications.  For MDV, "it reduces the property tax burden for Montana veterans who are 100% disabled or the surviving unmarried spouse of a deceased veteran who was 100% disabled. Eligibility for reduced property taxes is based on home ownership, occupancy, military disability requirements, and income qualifications."

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Rising Montana Property Taxes A Concern for Governor Gianforte

In June of 2023, Governor Gianforte announced $120 million in permanent, long-term property tax relief through House Bill 587.  Working with the legislature, the governor "secured up to $1,350 in property tax rebates for Montana homeowners for their primary residence over 2023 and 2024."

In addition, the governor established the Property Tax Task Force to address rising rates and to restrain their future growth.  To learn more about these programs you can check out the official Montana website here.

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