Do you ever feel like you are the only one on the road at any given time that has any type of clue about how to navigate the streets in Great Falls or the highways of Montana?  People not using blinkers, casually coming into your lane on a turn, poor parking or even a vehicle that isn't perhaps "road worthy" are all out there making life in the fast lane a little slower and a little more dangerous.

Growing Up, I Thought We Had the Best Drivers in the World

When one grows up in the country, you learn to drive at an early age.  You may have taken the wheel of a farm truck or tractor, been picking bales or operating other machinery all by the ripe old age of 7 or 8.  You would think that would give us a little bit of an advantage to other drivers, but that isn't the case according to a recent article and study conducted by Forbes magazine.  So where does Montana rank compared to other states?

Studies Tend to Base on Facts, But I Still Find It Hard to Believe

The study itself used different parameters to gauge what would be considered good or bad criteria to make the final list.  Statistics were based on six key metrics that included the number of car accidents, distracted driving, tickets and other categories.  Montana ranked in at number 9 on the list this year.  Hitting the top of the list this year was Texas.  We even had a neighbor make the list this year, Wyoming comes in just ahead of us at number 7 this year.

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