No matter where you live, you or someone in your circle has complained about the roads in their neighborhood, city, county and state.  Montana and Great Falls are not immune to this conversation in any way.  We have some of the worst roads in the country!  It only takes a drive across the border to any of the neighboring states and you can see that we fall behind a tad when it comes to upkeep.  The same holds true in our fair city of the Falls.

It's Not Even Limited to One Side of The River or The Other

There are bad streets across the Electric City, and then there are simply atrocious roads that many of us traverse each and every day.  Think 6th Street NW, from Fox Farm across to Central Ave West.  Or maybe traveling towards the interstate on the west side from the frontage road.  Pretty much every location has an area that someone can point out a bad spot in.  Whether that be a pothole that could swallow a 1 ton dually, or the heaving that our lovely weather can cause giving us the roller coaster ride we never knew we needed.

If You Need to Test Your Suspension on Your Rig, Here Is the Street!

Where am I going?  Right to the middle of the city!  Let's check the video of what I am considering the worst street in the city, starting from 14th Street and heading down 1st Avenue South.

So, what do you think?  Have a different street that might fit the bill of worst in the city?  Hit us up in the comments on our social media or you can grab our free downloadable app and contact us.  Or as always you can email us here.  Happy driving everyone!

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