Montana Is Fourth Highest for This Job Statistic

As the pandemic took over the state, country and world, job resignations seem to spike.  But once that effect of the pandemic wore off, workers slowly returned to a job.  But was it the job they really wanted.


If statistics are a telling point, then not really.  New data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that while yes, we aren't anywhere near those numbers from just a few years ago, some states are seeing a rise.  And yes, one of those is Montana.

Just How Many Are Resigning Their Jobs in Montana?

According to the BLS, unemployment in Montana rose .9% to 3.4% in February of 2024 compared to the same time frame from 2023.  That ranked the state 4th overall, coming in behind Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island.

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The national unemployment rate increased by .2% to 3.9% in February of 2024.  Even though Montana ranks below that, we still are among the largest increases also.  Interestingly, our sister states North Dakota (2.0% unemployment rate) and South Dakota (2.1% unemployment rate) were the lowest in the nation.

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The Causes Behind the Uptick for Unemployment in Montana

New data is to be released by the BLS in April, so time will tell if this is a simple blip across Montana, or something to actually be concerned about for the future.  Did many of those that left a job in the last couple of years after the pandemic suddenly realize they hated what they were doing?

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Perhaps more are stretching their respective wings to find new and interesting things to pursue.  Or perhaps started a venture that didn't pan out for them and employees.  Or they decided that a comfy campfire on the side of a mountain better suited their well-being.

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