There Isn't Enough Rope in Montana for All These Scammers Today

I miss criminals of the past.  Or rather, I appreciate criminals of the past more than today's current generation of them.  Weird, right?  But when you think about it, there were a very limited amount that were actually good at their respective craft.


Nowadays, every with a connection to the net can become one.  And it seems like everyone is trying because there is another scam hitting our email boxes as we get set to log in the joy that is the internet.

Don't Be Fooled - New Streaming Service Scam in Montana

In a new release, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is once again warning people about a new scam, targeted to those that use subscription streaming services.  Con artists are posing as a provider, claiming service is about to be canceled in an email.


Criminals then demand an immediate payment on the account and of course then ask for pertinent information regarding your credit card.  Once that info is in hand, scammers are then off and running to drain your bank account.

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Protect Yourself, Even Montana Can Be Targeted with These Scams

The BBB recommends first and foremost to delete the email.  You can also report the incident to them by clicking here.

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With email and the internet continuing to be a popular way for criminals to gain access to your information, the BBB offers these suggestions to keep safe:

  • Take a second look at the email.  Scare tactics and demands are common.  For more information on how to spot a scam email, go here.
  • Go to the business to confirm.  Do not use the number to call given in the email if there is one.
  • Keep track of your subscriptions and the auto-renewal dates for them.
  • Think twice about paying for something you didn't initiate.
  • Check the BBB Scam Tracker
  • Once verified that the email is fake, report it as spam if possible to your internet/email provider and then delete it.

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