When you travel through Great Falls, one of the main attractions that will catch your eye is the huge American flag that sits atop "Flag Hill".  It's been a main staple in our city for almost 40 years.  Have you ever wondered about the history behind the flag and what it takes to keep it flying gloriously over the Electric City?  There are several groups that help with the upkeep of the flag, and even you can become involved in keeping Old Glory alive.

Where Did That Big Flag Come From, When Did It Appear?

To help commemorate the 100th anniversary celebration of Great Falls, the Great Falls Association of Realtors gathered to come up with a plan.  With the help of the MT Air National Guard and countless donations from businesses and private individuals, the 120' pole was erected and the flag flew for the first time in the summer of 1984.  Since that time, the flag has flown proudly over Great Falls, every hour of every day of the year.

Even With a Dream Realized, It Still Requires Hard Work and Money

Keeping the flag flying all these years is due in part to not only the GFAR and MT Air National Guard, but donations are also the key factor.  The 30' x 50' flag is funded entirely by donations, no tax dollars are ever spent.  Getting involved is incredibly easy.  You can make a monetary donation, which is tax deductible, you can buy prints by featured artists Brian Morger, Rachel Kaiser and Helen Costello, or if you are a business owner, there are corporate sponsorships available also.  Find out more about the flag at the Great Falls Association of Realtors website.

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