Great Falls Mayor Chosen to Take on Secondary Role

A new program is coming to the Great Falls Public Schools for the next school year called the Restart Program.  The program is designed to work in collaboration with various community agencies to support high school-aged students who are not engaged in school.

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This new program will seek to re-engage students who are involved with the legal system and cannot traditionally attend school.  It will provide academic, behavioral, and community wrap-around services.  With the new program, a new liaison was also needed.

A Familiar Face Fills the Role in Great Falls Public Schools

Stepping in to the role of the new liaison person for the Restart Program will be a familiar face to not only students and faculty and Great Falls Public Schools, but he is also a familiar face from law enforcement and the city's new mayor.

Great Falls Public Schools Facebook
Great Falls Public Schools Facebook

Newly elected mayor of Great Falls Cory Reeves will be stepping in to the new position.  Reeves began his career with the Great Falls Police Department and served as an SRO at GFPS for 10 years.  He has also served the community as an undersheriff for the Cascade County Sheriff's Office.

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Great Falls Public Schools Release Statement About New Position

According to a release via social media, GFPS stated that "Cory’s law enforcement background and knowledge of the community will serve our students and community well in this position."

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In accepting the new liaison position, Mayor Reeves said "I am thrilled to work with youth again in our community, striving to help them grow into productive members of society.

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