10 Way to Have Fun Making Six Big Figures in Montana

Spoiler alert right off the top on this one, being a radio personality will not earn you six big figures in Big Sky Country.  However the fun factor is unlimited, and it is why I continue to do what I do after nearly 40 years behind the microphone.


But it doesn't mean that I haven't dreamt of having one of those cool, high-paying, fun-loving type of jobs.  But could you do them in Montana still to make those big bucks or would a person need to leave the state?

Is Montana Just a Fun State to Work In, Period?

Fun can be a state of mind really.  What one person may think is the coolest job ever might not be for the person doing the work.  They may wish they actually had your job instead.


Finding the perfect fit for your career may take a few tries, but once you do find it, you won't ever want to do anything else in your life.  So, what would that be?  What job would be fun and still earn you the large to live life unlimited?

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There is a Survey for That to Help You Find That Gig in Montana

A new report from the job website The Ladders has shed some light on which jobs are fun and will pay those 6 figures that you may want.  Surprisingly, most of these are doable in Montana.

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With the advent of the internet, pretty much any job is accessible from our state.  Check our gallery of the 10 most fun jobs that will pay you big dollars under the Big Sky.

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