It is a common scene in pretty much every high school movie scenario.  Kids head out for a party for the evening, meet someone and head to the beautiful overlook across the city.  One thing leads to another and suddenly the windows are steamy and there is a badged person tapping on your window with a flashlight.  Busted!!  It's hilarious in the fact that it has probably happened to many of us at any given time.  Whether at an overlook, next to a river or maybe parked on the street in front of one or the other's homes.  But is it illegal?

Sort Of, Kind Of, Maybe A Little Greyish Area, Sorta...

In checking with Shouse Law, there isn't a jurisdiction in the U.S. that it is illegal to have carnal relations in your vehicle.  However, there are separate rules or laws that may affect having that great time and giving in to the "if this van is a rockin', don't come knockin'" edict.  Depending on your city, county and state laws, these will vary, but generally speaking, if you are out in the open where folks can see you and your significant other doing the deed, you are going to probably be visited by the badged officer with the flashlight.

Well Then, Is It Legal or Not?  If So, What Is Allowed?

When deciding to park and see where your evening takes you, remember there are a couple of basic rules(?) one should observe.  No, it isn't illegal, but you can be busted for sex in your car if:

  • Are in a public area!
  • Parking lots
  • Alley ways visible from the street or walkway
  • City owned properties such as parks with time limits.

Basically, if you can be seen by the general public, it is going to be a no-no to start thinking about a stork to bring you a bundle of joy.  Have you ever been busted by the cops for making love in your car?  Hit me up with our socials or the downloadable app below.  You can also email me here!

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