How To Be BBQ Prepared This Weekend in Montana

With the holiday weekend only days away, have you planned out your backyard BBQ fun yet?  If you haven't finalized the list of things you need to grab at the grocery store, there may be a few things you are missing.


A new study is out that shows just what everyone across the country is putting in the cart to buy for the big holiday weekend.  How close is your list to the national trends?

All The Normal Things You Would Find at a Montana BBQ

That new study, done by Instacart, showed what food items were showing the biggest increases in numbers bought during the week leading up to the July 4th holiday.

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Normal items dot the list as you would suspect.  Things such as burgers or hot dogs, or maybe a favorite baked bean.  And honestly even those items that aren't maybe as common in certain areas are still a hot ticket item across the country.

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What Are Your Favorites to Serve for the 4th in Montana

Ok, sure, we all love the normal fare of the BBQ menu that is served up in many a backyard.  But are there items that we are missing that could be the make or break of having the ultimate party?

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We've put together the top 10 items that Instacart says are the best and biggest to have this weekend.  What are you putting on your grill this weekend?  Let us know in our app chat feature or you can email your ideas here.

The 10 Biggest Items America is Buying Leading Up to July 4th

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Be The Neighborhood Hot Dog Connoisseur at the BBQ

Ready to elevate your cooking game when it comes to hot dogs? These Business Insider tips might just make your backyard the place to be when you announce the next get-together.

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8 Creatures that Could Ruin Your BBQ

It doesn't matter if it is a backyard BBQ or you have set up camp for the weekend it is inevitable that a few uninvite party guess could drop by if you aren't vigilant about keep things clean and put up.

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