Grilling & Chilling Under the Big Sky This Weekend

I can't speak for everyone across Montana, but I would bet a hefty amount of my paycheck that there will be more than just me flipping a burger or two this weekend.


But if I am honest, I really don't need an excuse to fire up the grill, throw a burger, steak or hot dog on and enjoy a great meal.  But having a holiday, especially a 3-day holiday weekend to enjoy?  Yep, it is grilling time at my house.

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Memorial Weekend a Big One to Bust Out the Spatula in Montana

For Montanans' the Memorial weekend really is the first big break of the year.  After a long winter, calving season, wrapping up school graduations, getting ready for branding, and the summer activities, it is a welcome break.


As we celebrate, Memorial Day weekend is the third largest grilling occasion of the year, only behind the Fourth of July and birthday parties.  Over 71% of Americans own a grill, and I again would wager that paycheck it is even higher across Big Sky country.

Beef, It Is What Is on Grills in Montana Backyards This Weekend

Despite the cost, this weekend I will be splurging on either a huge T-bone steak or a bone in rib steak.  No cutting corners!


What are you grilling up this weekend?  Steaks?  Burgers, chicken or hot dogs?  Or maybe a really big brat will find its way to your grill.  What is your favorite meal to cook on your grill?  Do you have a favorite dessert that you make on the grill or smoker?

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