This weekend, many will fire up the grill and get set to BBQ some of the best beef grown in America straight from the pastures of Montana.  We'll grab utensils, bowls for mixing delicious marinades, sauces and spices to make mouthwatering morsels of beef aged to perfection.

But don't rush into it!  Even if you have been enjoying grilling all summer long, we have some tips to make this Labor Day weekend even better for you and the neighbors that will inevitably peek over your fence and want a quick taste.


Deals To Be Had, But You Still Don't Want to Take Any Chances

Newsflash.  Beef is expensive.  Stupid expensive.  So, when it comes to placing that $35ish tomahawk bone in steak on the grates, make sure that you aren't ruining it.

The same even goes for the simplest of BBQ foods.  Burgers, dogs, brats and more will all taste and look better with just a couple of easy tasks throughout the process of cooking up your Montana grown beef.


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Getting The Most from Your Meat and Your Grill This Weekend

Ready to grab the tongs and get busy?  (Remember to double click to turn them on!)  Some of these tips may be new to you or a refresher on getting all you can out of your grill and that succulent T-bone steak that you have been saving.

  1. As Hank Hill would say, "taste the meat, not the heat".  For the best results, don't use lighter fluid or instant-light charcoal.
  2. Know your temperatures for each of the different kinds of meat.  Be it beef, pork, chicken, fish or seafood.  Having a good digital meat thermometer is a must.
  3. This may be a new endeavor for you but try using the two-zone cooking method.  Indirect or direct heat will adjust temps in your meal to perfection for everyone.
  4. It's ok to let your meat loaf.  Really.  Let the meat rest before cutting into it.  Letting the juices have some time to get everywhere across the entire select piece will make it oh so much more mouthwatering.
  5. Finally, clean that grill.  Please!  Even if you just did it, clean it again.  Thoroughly also.  Don't just scrape the grate.  Remove them, clean around your burners and the catch areas of your grill.  Treat it just as you would a favorite pan from the stove.  You never just hit the high spots.

There you have it, my best grilling tips for whatever you choose to slap on the grill and enjoy for this Labor Day weekend.  Enjoy, and if you need help finishing off some of those ribs, don't hesitate to hit me up.

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