Is A Penny Valued At A Sensational $300,000 In Montana?

How the intrinsic value of something over time increases fascinates me for some odd reason.  How a common item, lost to perhaps years, decades, or centuries can become the object of obsession for any person to pursue.

In terms of money, it can mean a financial windfall for those that find that elusive item.  Oftentimes, the coin itself is what is worth so much.  In this case, it could be worth up to $300,000.  Not just a windfall, but an entire hurricane could be awaiting you.

Maybe it was this scene that caused me to keep an eye out:

Sorry, Kids, Your Piggy Banks Could Be In Jeopardy Over This

Before you start making any small child cry, let's talk about what we are looking for first.

During World War II, because copper was such a valuable commodity for ammunition, the government needed to make steel pennies.  No, that isn't where the big bucks come from.  During the process, some of those pennies were improperly struck with the incorrect planchet metal.  These are the coins that will be worth the most money.

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Careful, There Are A Ton Of Fakes Circulating The Web And the World

Very, very few of these pennies ever left the US Mint.  While the probability of having one is quite low, they are out there.  However, there are also a ton of fakes circulating everywhere.

Here are some of the common fakes found out there:

  • Real 1943 steel pennies dipped or plated in copper

Most of these were made and intended to be novelty items sold in stores.

  • Real 1948 copper pennies designed to resemble the 1943 version

Some crafty, deceptive people came up with the idea of simply removing half of the "8" on the date, making it look like a 3.

And of course, there are just plain fakes that are made, some even being able to fool some of the best in the business of coin collectors.  If you think you may have a valuable coin, always take it to a trusted numismatist or coin dealer in your area.  You can also check out these tips that will help in determining what you have in that piggy bank.

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