According to a recent article from Money Watch, Great Falls, Montana, is among 5 cool cities in America where you can still buy a home for $300K or less.

Here's a breakdown of the top 5

Savannah, Georgia: Coastal Living at a Steal

Savannah, known for its historic charm, offers modern amenities alongside its rich cultural heritage. With a new stadium, job prospects from upcoming automotive and manufacturing ventures, and easy access to Tybee Island's beaches, this city holds promise for homebuyers. The average home value stands at an affordable $275,413.

Dallas, Texas: Big City Charm with Tax Benefits

Dallas, a hub of entertainment and cultural richness, offers an array of sports, arts, and job opportunities. The city's thriving food scene and ongoing developments make it an attractive option. Although slightly pricier at an average home value of $308,305, the absence of state individual income tax balances the equation.

Ithaca, New York: Nature's Abode with Cultural Flourish

Nestled amidst hiking trails and stunning waterfalls, Ithaca provides affordable housing options and a vibrant downtown scene. With cultural attractions like the Museum of the Earth and a range of outdoor activities, the average home value of $301,608 seems justifiable.

New Orleans, Louisiana: Vibrant Living in the Big Easy

New Orleans, famed for its relaxed lifestyle and diverse architecture, offers a vibrant music and food scene. Recent developments along the Mississippi River indicate growing opportunities. Homebuyers can expect affordability with an average home value of $260,904.

Great Falls, Montana: Embracing Wide Open Spaces

Amidst stunning natural landscapes, Great Falls stands as an affordable haven. With access to wildlife refuges, mountain ranges, and a rich arts scene, this city offers homebuyers an opportunity to experience Montana's beauty at an average home value of $282,312.


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