The saying is maybe a little more familiar when using Las Vegas, but in Montana, it seems fitting as well.

"What happens when camping in the mountains, stays in the mountains."

There are just some things that should never be spoken of again.  Until you get back to the campsite the next weekend to do it all over again.

I mention this simply because I am a firm believer in live and let live.  What you do in your camp is totally you.  If relieving yourself on the corner post of the fence behind your camper is what you do, so be it.  That also includes getting nude in your area, hey, you do you big guy.

There are even specific places in Montana that you can nude camp.  But that isn't what we are referring to here.

Keeping you geared up in the outdoors is why we're relaying this important information to you.  Being informed in bear country or the backcountry is imperative to survival!

Shielding Your Naughty Bits with Some Tasty Bits

Yes, that really is a selling point line from this product.  The folks at Bear Naked Granola have come up with a naked hiking bag that will allow you to keep free but well nourished.  This orange belt is attached to a small potato sack that features the words "Get Naked' across it.  The description for this amazing piece of camping gear is all you really need to jump on the bandwagon:

Bear Naked Granola Snack Belt.  This comfortable nylon belt safely and securely holds a bag of Bear Naked Granola, conveniently shielding your naughty bits with some tasty bits.  It's adjustable to fit most waist sizes and the heavy-duty metal clips make sure everything stays right where it needs to.

Talk about a sales pitch for the masses.  The belt sells for $23 at retailers.  Bear not included.  Just make sure you have a camera handy when your buddy brings this out to head up the mountain to go fishing.

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