With each new summer in Great Falls, we all look forward to that big event at the end of July, the Montana State Fair.  And with just as much baited excitement, many folks wait to see what the final numbers show for our fair.  Was it good, or was it bad?

Many times, I think people just wait so they can complain about the lack of whatever they can decipher from the report.  Constant bickering about what concerts should come, which food should be eaten, even which vendors should be hawking their wares.

Well, the naysayers are going to have to wait another year to complain.

2023 Montana State Fair - Family, Friends, Food and Fun

While much of the fair was overly hot and windy, it didn't deter folks from getting out and enjoying Montana State Fair at the fairgrounds.

According to the press release from Kim Lander, the 2023 Montana State Fair had a strong year with revenues of $1,942,000.  Food concessions grossed just over $976,000.

In other revenue categories:

  • The Mighty Thomas Carnival grossed over $809,000
  • Wednesday August 2nd was the biggest day with over 11,370 fairgoers
  • Attendance at the PRCA Big Sky Pro Rodeo was 8,449
  • Total paid guests were 76,055 with total fair gate admission revenue of $424,928
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Comparing Numbers from Last Year to This Year for State Fair

For comparison here are numbers from the last year and this year:

2022 Fair Statistics:

  • Total fair revenue of $1,882,110
  • Fair gate admissions revenue of $385,462
  • Fair gate attendance of 75,443
  • Food vendors gross sales revenue of $825,179
  • Thomas Carnival revenue of $825,179

2023 Fair Statistics:

  • Total fair revenue of $1,942,060
  • Fair gate admission revenue of $424,928
  • Fair gate attendance of 76,055
  • Food vendors gross sales revenue of $976,609
  • Thomas Carnival revenue of $809,982

The numbers difference isn't huge, but they do show an increase, save for riding at the carnival.  All in all, another great year for Montana State Fair.

You can start making your plans for next year, as the press release announced that the 2024 Montana State Fair will be opening on Friday July 26th and will run through Saturday August 3rd.

Montana State Fair through the years

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