In general terms, you don't necessarily see "famous" people breaking world records and making it into the Guiness Book of Records.  Most people become famous because of that record.  That wasn't the case for two major stars back in 2019 as they were already major names in both the music industry and the movie/television industry.

The record hasn't lasted long though.  It's already been smashed by a man who holds over 300 world records.

When Famous Stars Come Together for Fun and a World Record

In 2019, former rocker and now country artist Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish fame teamed up with actor Anthony Anderson to beat the former record of how many hugs could be done in one hour by two people.  The result was a world record of 138 hugs in just one minute.

Guiness World Records Website
Guiness World Records Website

The record seems impressive, but someone has taken the challenge to beat it, and did they ever crush it.

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Adding To Over 300 World Records Already Held by This Idahoan

David Rush is a serial record breaker.  He's even broken records of records in a day.  52 of them in fact.

This time David and a pal took on the endeavor of trying to break the record of those most hugs by two people in a minute.

The result?  153 hugs in just 60 seconds.

You can check out the video of the performance below:

What record would you attempt to break if you could?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, the appchat feature or you can email me here.

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