Finding big things in Montana isn't too hard to accomplish.  All one needs to do is look up at the sky to realize there is a reason we are called Big Sky Country.  The mountains are huge, our rivers wide and deep, even travel can be a big thing making it across the state.  However, one of those things we aren't really known for being big at is growth.  Not economic, but growth of seeds of any type.  Especially trees.

Finding The Largest Trees in Our State - Where to Look

Due to the climate across the state, our growing season is considerably less than in more southern, warmer climate states.  That doesn't mean we can't grow some mighty fine trees, however.  The Rock Creek Scenic Area offers views of giant Redwood cedar in the Kootenai Forest that have been around for 500 years.  But we also have a record holder tree in our state.  But not a Redwood, it's a Larch, located in the Seely-Swan.

Head Out This Weekend to Discover This World Record Tree in Montana

Montana has the distinction of being the home to the world's largest Larch tree located in the Seely Lake area.  The larch grove is over 200 acres, boasting trees that are 500 years old or older.  Of those, "Gus" is the reigning champion across the world.   Gus is 163 feet high, plus another 10-foot dead top, and has a 273-inch circumference. The tree is thought to be about 1,000 years old.

To find Gus, head to the Jim Gerard Memorial Grove in Seely.  For full directions, click here.

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