6 Easy Decorating Tips for Your Tree This Year

As the days continue to tick away towards the big guy coming down the chimney, how are you faring?  Are you a "I have everything done and just waiting on the day to get here" or are you like me, flaying away at boxes in the basement trying to find that one ornament that your significant other wants?


Well, regardless of which of those two you are, we have some tips when it comes to the tree this year in your home for the holiday.

Starting With the Basics for Your Holiday Tree This Year

Depending on how you have gone about your tree this year, there are a few tips that can help you and your family remain safe while still enjoying the holiday spirit.

If you are purchasing a live tree, or heading out into the Big Sky wilderness for you own, remember that those trees may have pest or bugs still with them.  Always check before bringing it into your home.  Another check is size.  Make sure you can fit it into your area!

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6 Easy Decorating Tips for Your Tree This Year

Alright, you have the perfect tree for the house, let's get to some of the ways you can stay safe and still enjoy decorating this year.

  1. Standing your Christmas tree near heat sources increases the risk of fire.
  2. Heavy Christmas trees can damage flooring, so use a sturdy stand and protective mat.
  3. Avoid overloading sockets with Christmas lights to prevent electrical fires.
  4. Use LED lights instead of halogen lights to reduce the risk of fire damage.
  5. Don't nail or staple Christmas lights to your roof, as it can cause costly damage.
  6. Be cautious of hanging decorations on walls with pipes to avoid water damage and expensive repairs.

Have some other tips for us to pass along that have worked for you?  Let us know on our social media, the appchat feature or you can email your thoughts here.



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