Necessity is the mother of all invention.  Sometimes those inventions turn into something totally different than what their intended purpose may have been.

Take the newspaper for example.  You may think it is only great for reading and lining the birdcage when finished.  But it also works as a cover for painting various objects, it works for paper mâché craft projects.  You can even use it to clean windows in your home or vehicle.  Tons of hacks with one thing.

The Product That Will Give Duct Tape A Run for Its Money to Fix Stuff

Duct tape is in every home, garage, shop, or work truck.  Especially in Montana.  It fixes pretty much everything.  But another handy product from the garage and shop can also be the fix-it-all that you are looking for, maybe even in your home.

The product?  Probably already in your home, garage, shop, or vehicle.

The all-purpose WD-40 blue and yellow can of goodness.

Seriously, You Need to Try These Hacks in Your Home Today

While you are familiar with WD-40 as a lubricant used to loosen tough nuts or bolts, there are some unique ways that this product can help in other areas too.

9)  Cleaning your stainless-steel appliances.  If you want to see yourself in the shine, this will make it happen.

8)  Unfreeze a door lock.  I've actually used this hack on the ranch, works amazingly.

7) Remove a scuff mark from your floor.  Black-soled shoes causing trouble on the kitchen floor?  Spray a little and wipe clean.

6)  Dull looking patio furniture?  You guessed it, a few sprays and wipes and you will be enjoying new-looking stuff in no time.

5)  Sticker or label residue?  Nothing is worse than the glue on some items you purchase.  With a little elbow grease and WD40, you will have it off immediately.

4)  Rust problems?  Not a problem for this miracle aerosol.  Garden tools, shovels, mechanics tools, it works on it all.

3)  Bathroom cleaner.  Yes, even a bathroom cleaner.  Especially near your toilet bolts and the rust on them.

2)  Kids and crayons.  If you happen to have an artist in the making, don't worry about your walls anymore.  WD40 will be your savior for getting it off paint and more.

1)  Bug repellent.  I am not completely sold on this hack as of yet, but I understand the theory of it being oil-based and the mosquitos not wanting to munch on your arm.

Have a hack of your own for the wonder product that is WD40?  What is it?  Their website claims over 2,000 uses for it.  Hit me up with your suggestion(s) at my email here.

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