Could These Crazy Winter Hacks Actually Work in Montana?

Getting ready for winter?  You are probably a couple of weeks behind.  But that's ok, we have a couple of extra hacks to help you get through these next few months a little easier.


And, really, anything that can help with winter is welcomed, especially for as long as it lasts around our state.

This Is an Oldie but a Goodie with a New Twist to It

I don't know that I ever referred to some of these things as hacks, but many of the uses of cat litter are well known.  Not just for your cats, but as a handy item to have in your rig.

Different uses include:

  • Several bags of cat litter in the back of your vehicle are an easy way to add weight to gain traction in ice and snow.
  • Spreading litter on the ground under your tires for traction.
  • Using non-clumping litter in front of your tires on your driveway or roadway to gain extra traction.

Simple ones that many of us have probably used.  But now there is an all new way to use that cat litter in your car.  Defrosting that window.  With moisture build-up, placing cat litter in a sock and placing it on your dash will help keep that moisture at bay when you jump in.

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What About Keeping Ice Build Up Off the Outside of the Car?

This hack seems a little messy to me, but internet users are swearing by this one.  Or rather wiping with this one.


Yep, potatoes can help with your windshield staying clear during winter.  The theory, after cutting your potato in half, is that it will keep fog from forming on your windshield.  Outside or inside.

Again, seems a little messy, doesn't it?  Have your tried any of these?  Let us know how it turned out by hitting up our comment section of social media, use our app chat feature or email me here with your winter hacks.

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