This really should go without saying.  There is a reason it is called wild life after all.

One only needs to check the daily reports from Yellowstone National Park to see the latest in idiots who think the wildlife of the park is there for petting and selfie-taking opportunities.

These animals are dangerous.  Dangerous enough to the extent that they could possibly kill you.  It's why as young children we are told to not play with wild animals.  You could get hurt, or you could be causing a disruption in the natural life of nature.

Recent Otter Attack in Montana Highlights Interactions with Wildlife

On Wednesday evening, August 2nd, 3 ladies were floating in innertubes on the Jefferson River near the Sappington Bridge.  According to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, the women observed one or two otters as they floated.  One otter suddenly approached and attacked, which caused the women to flee the waterway.  While all the women received medical treatment in Bozeman, Montana, one was injured seriously enough to require being airlifted to the hospital.

Is This a Wax On, Wax Off Type of Moment Where I Sweep the Leg?

While the story is crazy enough in itself, what really threw me for a loop was how the MWFP chose to tell us how to deal with these hooligans.  Now normally, we would be told to never interact with the wildlife.  See the above about bison and bears in Yellowstone for reference.  But this time, this time this is how they told the public to deal with this particular wild animal:

If you are attacked by an otter, fight back.  Get away and get out of the water.  Seek medical attention.

Wait, what?  Do you actually want me to fight the wildlife?  And how exactly does one counter the fighting skills of said otter?  Will my watching Bruce Lee movies as a young man give me the tools needed to fight?  Is it full-on street rules where anything goes?  Or are there rules?  Will there be a bell?

No matter how you choose to defend yourself in this particular encounter, please remember that a fight with any of Montana's furry friends will get you in trouble.  Regardless of their size.

Speaking of fighting animals, do you remember this viral video of a man saving his dog in Australia from a kangaroo?  Maybe he could give lessons on how to take on an otter?

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