Does Travel Time in Montana Consider Cows and Tractors?

A conversation with my wife regarding our recent vacation to Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona sparked a thought in my mind.  As we discussed making our way through each of those cities, travel time to and from became the topic.


Ever wonder just how long it takes to make it to work on average in the state of Montana, or in your city?  And is that answer the right one?

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Montana is Definitely No Where Near the National Average of Travel Time

According to Zippia, the national average for time to get work clocks in at 27.6 minutes.

Other statistics included in the data:

  • New York City, New York has the longest at 34.7 minutes.
  • The average time in 1980 was 21.7 minutes, that has increased to 27.6 minutes.
  • The average American will travel 41 miles to and from work.

In Montana, our time spent behind the wheel is considerably less than the average in America, showing the average time to be 18.8 minutes.

Were Farmers and Ranchers Included in the Data for Montana?

The numbers from the US Census Bureau for me are a little skewed.  For those that live in a more rural area, those times are assuredly longer, maybe even able to rival those of New York City at times.


What is your average time to make it to and from work?  Within the averages or do you take more or less time?

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