For many years, I have been made fun of by family members for having a bowl of cereal before bed.  My wife, my son, even my daughter in law has commented at one point or another.  I really don't even know when it started for me.  There really isn't a specific time or event, but having one before checking my eyelids for pinholes has seemed to just relax and comfort me to head off into dreamland.

Ice Cold Milk, A Rabbit, A Cap'n Or Even Fred And Barney!

The wonderful thing about cereal is variety!  You never have to have the same thing over and over over again!  Limitless potential abounds when you round the corner and see the long aisle labeled "cereals" with box after box of goodness!  Traditional cereals that might taste like gravel, (yes, I am looking at you Grape Nuts), favorite fares of chocolaty or pebbled varieties, even the latest crazy flavors that kids today desire.

Can A Cereal Really Help You Fall Asleep Though?

There may as of yet might not be testing done with this product, but the cereal making company Post would like to think that their latest creation can fit the bill!  The company recently released a new cereal called Sweet Dreams, claiming it can help you fall asleep.  By combining ingredients like zinc, folic acid and B vitamins, the cereal helps promote a natural melatonin production.  While the jury is still out on the results, this is a new way to get a great night sleep underway if you haven't ever tried it.  Bonus from this?  I now have science behind me anytime this is brought up in my house in the future!  Grab your spoon and bowl everyone, there is cereal to be eaten!

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