5 of the Most Common Criminal Offenses in Montana

Crime in Big Sky Country comes in all shapes and sizes it seems.  We aren't immune to online type things, be it email, text messages or the internet scams.  We certainly aren't immune to human trafficking, drugs and violence.  But we do have lower numbers than many other states or towns in comparison.

That doesn't mean we don't see those activities and it also doesn't mean that those crimes aren't increasing, or that criminals aren't becoming more brazen in their attempts to gain what isn't theirs.

Montana Department of Crime Offense Numbers for 2023

In Montana, 5 crimes top the list of the most common, and the most that are filling our jails with people.  In 2023, some categories saw minor increases, while others saw slight decreases.

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Categories that the MDOC includes in their report include:

  • Weapon
  • Vehicle
  • Personal
  • Property
  • Influence
  • Public Order
  • Drugs
  • Sex Crimes
  • Violent

Statistics for this report include all demographics available at the current time, including age, race and sex.

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What Is the Number One Crime Being Committed in Montana?

For Montanan's, the most common type of crime in our state is that of drug crime.  In 2023 there were 3,951 people incarcerated.  That number is slightly up from 2022 at 3,870 total.

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Other major crimes that fill up our courts and jails include:

  • #5 - Sexual Crime (1,419)
  • #4 - Person (2,117)
  • #3 - Property (2,118)
  • #2 - Violent (2,332)

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