Former Inmates Giving Back to Those Incarcerated in Montana

Even just one night in your local police station jail can make you realize that the life of a criminal just isn't for you.  For most of us, that wakeup call is the only thing needed to keep us on the straight and narrow path.

For others however, that may not be the case.  And for some, the circumstances regarding their incarceration may be the catalyst to be a better citizen and give back to society in a more productive manner than before.

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The Citizen's Advisory Council with Montana Department of Corrections

The new council is comprised of 21 successful, returned citizens and aims to help those that are currently behind bars in Montana.  Hope Inside the Walls is the first initiative to come about from meetings conducted since last summer.

According to CAC member Bryan German:

If we can help give people some hope, something to latch onto, something to see themselves in a different light, then I think we’ll be doing something positive.

Attendees Already Talking Highly of New Program in Montana

In the latest meeting with both men's and women's prison systems in Deer Lodge, attendees had this to say about the CAC program:

I am filled with inspiration from their testimonies and also I was able to see that there is still a life of possibility and opportunity out there for me as a felon.

The group has presented to over 200 inmates in both locations so far.  Find out more about the Citizen's Advisory Council and the Department of Corrections in Montana here.

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