Could Montana Learn Something from Wyoming About EV Use?

Going green is everywhere.  Recycling, water usage, climate control and even our vehicles have all been the subject of discussion.  And sure, these contraptions might look good on paper, but putting them to the task seems to result in problems.

In Wyoming, just that has happened.  Hopefully, our state leaders are watching how this worked out and we won't see the same results.

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Jackson, Wyoming Says to Heck with It, We're Back to Diesel

It was a bold move, and now we've seen how this one works out.  According to the news site Cowboy State Daily, the city Jackson Hole recently had to retire all 9 of their electric buses.  Those have now broken down and are completely unusable.

It is also of note that the company in which Wyoming purchased the vehicles from just 3 years ago in now defunct and bankrupt.  Even after a hefty subsidy from our very own government.

Montana Officials and Decision Makers, Pay Attention to This

The electric vehicle isn't going anywhere soon.  Both literally and figuratively.  However, I am hoping that our elected officials are paying attention to what has happened with the city of Jackson Hole.

Taxes, levy's, bonds and more are tearing up our paychecks each time we receive one.  Hopefully we don't see another debacle like the power company investment here in Great Falls.  I am not sure any city can afford another one of these flash in the pan type endeavors.

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