Home improvements aren't cheap but if you had free money to do some of those repairs to your abode in Montana, would you?

Of course, you would!  Who doesn't like free money?  Were you aware that there is almost $8,000 in money available to you for home improvements?  Things like insulation, or maybe even a new stove are all within your budget with this new law.

Improve Your Home, Lower Your Energy Bills, All with This Account

In order to prevent more over-heating of our planet, in 2022 Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act to help with just that.  The IRA helps with tax credits for going green, giving consumers a chance to save on their energy bills yearly.

Examples include insulation upgrades for your home.  Staying warm in the winter or cool in the summer will help with costs, and you could receive up to $1600 in savings with the IRA.  There are also opportunities to upgrade your gas stove to help with leaking harmful toxins into your home and the atmosphere.  Up to $840 is available for that update.

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How To Take Advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act from Congress

As with many of the Government programs, there are a few hoops to jump through in order to get your savings and rebates.  Thankfully, the folks at Rewiring America have made the process pretty easy.  At their website, you will find the Savings Calculator to help you determine which savings are the best, and which are going to save you the most money in the long run.  We all love saving cash, right?

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