The electric vehicle craze has been happening for some time now.  Vehicles have been improved, capabilities have been improved, even common amenities are becoming more available also.  It seems the one thing that EV companies are getting is how to make them viable in the real world.  The outside of big city type stuff that most of us are living in.

Battery Life and Longevity Always A Concern

When travelling, going 400 miles across the state really doesn't seem like a big deal.  But what happens when battery life isn't the same as some of the time we need to spend on the road.  One of the main complaints against EV type vehicles is the batteries.  How long will they last on a charge, especially in colder weather seems to be the main one.  The replacement of said batteries is also of concern.  If you have had to replace a set in a golf cart recently, you know what I mean!  Batteries are crazy expensive!

So, You Need To Tow Something?  Might Want To Consider Gas Or Diesel

In a recent article for Motorius, the guys over at the Youtube channel The Fast Lane Truck put it to the test.  It didn't turn out well, spoiler alert!!  After hooking trailers to the EV pickup and a regular gas vehicle, they set out.  The electric vehicle had to turn around after just over 100 miles!  Imagine trying to drag the 5th wheel across the country!  Or even a horse trailer!

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Don't Expect To Enjoy That Radio Either!

Another problem popping up with EV type vehicles?  Singing along with your radio!  Apparently, getting AM radio to work in an electric vehicle is another problem builders and buyers are having.  In an article from The Auto Blog, some automakers are leaving the AM band out of EV's.  Why?  BMW says in the article that "AM is not offered due to negative performance influences of the electromagnetic interference of the electric drivetrain. Electric motors cause interference on AM which is why BMW decided to remove this option."

Where Does That Leave Us?

I am all for saving a little of the atmosphere, trying to help our planet.  But in reality, it doesn't seem like the motor companies have a clue how most people live.  Electric might be the way of the future in larger communities, but for those that live in the more outdoor, hauling stuff, towing stuff kind of thing, EV's are still decades behind.

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