Can Driving an Uber in Great Falls Really Pay the Bills?

I will readily admit that I have never been a "part-time employee" type of person.  Sure, I have had some temporary, in-between-type gigs before, but for 99% of my work life, it's been full-time.  I'm extremely grateful for those opportunities that have been afforded to me.

So, when I saw the following post on Reddit, it started turning wheels in my head:

Driving for Uber in Great Falls.
byu/denvercaniac inGreatFalls

As those wheels gained momentum, I thought to myself "What would happen if my current employment suddenly ended"?  Would I be able to do something semi-part-time or full-time and still be able to cover the bills?

As Per Usual, Respondents to the Question Gave Us Their 2 Cents

Scrolling in the post to see comments and replies to the original poster, I was surprised at a few of the responses concerning the money one could possibly make.

Comment byu/denvercaniac from discussion inGreatFalls

Considering how many of those winter months we have, that isn't too bad.  But not really "take it home and fry it up in a pan" kind of scratch either.

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There Are Other Services Besides Uber Out There

Other commenters thought that other delivery options might pay better than Uber:

byu/denvercaniac from discussion

Now we are talking!  That would be a little more doable with those numbers if needed, depending upon your financial situation in its current status.

One Other Small Tidbit To Consider In The Grand Scheme

One user finally addressed what I would consider one of the larger gambles in doing a delivery service.  The gas that your vehicle is going to burn.

byu/denvercaniac from discussion

The other factors of course are maintenance on your rig, oil changes, tires, and more.  Is it worth it in your mind?

Let us know if you do drive for one of these services, we would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment on our social media pages, talk with us through our appchat feature or you can email us here.

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