I am going to go out on a limb and say that the old television show "Taxi" is responsible for the way I think about taxi service.  If you have ever needed a ride to point A from point B, you might think the same thing, that big yellow car with a fellow smoking a huge cigar pulling up to recklessly throw your luggage into the trunk and rush you off to your destination.  However, it today's times and in Great Falls, that just isn't the case anymore.  I don't think there is one yellow vehicle transporting other people across the streets of the Falls.

Heading Out in Our Fair City - Should You Just Take the Shoelace Express?

Heading into the rabbit hole of Reddit again, I found a question about whether or not the taxi services available in Great Falls were worth the effort and price.  The replies certainly ran everywhere concerning the availability, the cost of, and the cleanliness of the vehicles being used.  As always, the comment section on any website when a question is asked can get some interesting responses.

The Verdict?  Sometimes Iffy, But Will Work in a Pinch If You Need It

So, what do our locals think about getting across town with an Uber or Lyft?  Let's start with the good and go from there.

Reader jasmine_tea offered up the following assessment:

Whenever I visit Great Falls, I always use Ubers. They're pretty reliable nowadays during the daytime but occasionally you might get stuck waiting for 30 mins or longer, like on Sunday mornings or during rush hour evenings.

That was it.  The best there was.  Things really went downhill afterwards.  Here are some of the not so nice things people had to say:

User thedudedrgonzo says:

I would say no it's not reliable. Taxis are kinda pricey. I'm by super one and I paid $26 to get to the airport. Also, you have to reserve at least 12 hours before and 24 hours during wintertime.

User harvey-dent-1 really let it fly on his review:

Not reliable. Sometimes there sometimes not. Sometimes you want to take a shower and burn your clothes after getting into the Uber.

But my absolute favorite reply on the entire subreddit?  This person wins the internet for the day in my book:

User horsewangjackson replied:

You're going to have to rely on your Lamborfeeties.


What about you?  Have you had a good or bad experience with Uber or Lyft?  Let us know via our social media, with the appchat feature in our downloadable app or you can contact me directly through my email.

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