Is Rudeness in the Eye of the Beholder, or is it a General Term?

Generational gaps happen.  There isn't any other way to say it.  When I think of them, it's often in the form of music, how we speak and how we dress.


Unfortunately, I come from the Valley Girl and Weasel generation.  Gen X.


The point being is that at one point, we will think things that the younger generation are doing today are maybe rude, or impolite.  But by today's standards, are they, or are we just being like our parents when we ourselves decided to crank up "Back in Black"?

Times Have Changed, But Do Etiquette and Politeness Ever Go Out of Style?

Sure, I admit things that weren't cool or popular a couple of decades ago are probably alright in the proper setting and circumstances by today's standards.  But does that supersede the standards of etiquette?


For instance, our top 10 below features using your cell phone in a public area while on speaker phone.  While many may think it is just commonplace and not rude, personally, I don't need to hear your conversation regarding your love life or crappy co-worker.

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Things Considered Rude 20 Years Ago, Are They Still Rude or Passable?

A recent article by Saving Advice offered up that yes, in fact we have come a long way in regard to being rude or polite by today's standards.  The internet alone has changed many of those things.

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Texting, emailing, social media contact and more have all had an impact on how society views right and wrong from yesterday.  Do you agree with the top 10 things people don't consider rude anymore?

Are These 10 Things Considered Rude by Today's Societal Leanings?

Is it rude or polite? These 10 things may have been outdated from 20 years ago, but are they now? From Saving Advice, we add our own advice on these big things about etiquette.

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