A Once in A Lifetime Experience with Eagles in Montana

Being a symbol for power and strength, it isn't a surprise that the founding fathers of our nation chose the eagle to represent us back in 1782.  The admirations for this feathered friend continue to inspire us to this day, maybe even more so in today's times.

In Montana, a unique opportunity can be yours by venturing towards the northwest part of the state.  There you will find the Montana's Eagle Experience and the chance to see these magnificent birds up close and personal.

Not Only Eagles, But the Scenery Isn't Too Shabby Either

Montana's Eagle Experience is nestled into the Bitterroot and Castle Mountains of the state.  With the Clark Fork River flowing through the town of Noxon, you won't find many more idyllic locations to view eagles.

Programs featured at the facility include learning about birds of prey, native and non-native, with a focus on four species of eagles.  Those include the native to North America bald and golden eagles for viewing.  Plus, you can interact with not only eagles but also falcons, hawks and owls at the facility.

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You Won't Find This Opportunity Anywhere Else in Montana

Interacting with any of these endangered animals is a treat, but there is also a special guest at the Montana's Eagle Experience home.  Hilda is the facilities resident African Hawk Eagle.  Native to the desert and savannah areas, you have a chance to see and interact with Hilda.

Canva/JD Graphix
Canva/JD Graphix

Ready to make that trip?  You can get more info here about the Montana's Eagle Experience.

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