We've all been there, traveling or hiking, and all you need is one thing out of your backpack; however, that one thing requires minor surgery to get it out of your pack!

So incredibly frustrating!

Well, folks, I'm here to tell you this isn't how you have to live your life anymore.

I've discovered some helpful tricks and items that are game-changers regarding backpack organization. 


How have I never discovered these before!

These stretch grids allow you to stack endless amounts of stuff on one flat surface, making it easy to locate small or even large items quickly.

It's a bit of a Tetris game to figure it out, but oddly satisfying. 

Grid-It system
Jason Laird

Cord Organizers

I've looked at getting one of these for quite some time and finally broke down and did it.

Let me tell you, I regret not buying one sooner.

They allow for quick and easy management of cables and, better yet, keep them from tangling. 

Cord Organizers
Jason Laird

Packing Cubes

These lightweight and durable fabric containers allow you to compartmentalize your clothes and gear efficiently.

Personally, I use mine in my backpack for snacks, haha.

You can roll your clothes and place them in different packing cubes based on categories like tops, bottoms, undergarments, and accessories.

This way, you can easily find your need without rummaging through your entire backpack.

Popular websites like REI and Amazon offer various packing cube options to suit your needs.

Packing Cubes
Jason Laird

Backpack Organizer Panels

Many modern backpacks have organizer panels that feature multiple pockets and compartments.

These panels are perfect for segregating your belongings, including pens, notebooks, passports, and small gadgets.

Utilizing the built-in organizer panel can eliminate the need for additional pouches and keep your essentials within arm's reach.

Brands like The North Face offer backpacks with this convenient organizational feature.

Backpack Grid System

Attach Carabiners and Clips for Quick Access

Although I'm not using ming in this picture, especially when hiking, they are great for quick and easy access to something.

The best part is they free up space inside your backpack!

You can Check out various carabiner options on websites like Black Diamond Equipment

Jason Laird

Happy Travels!

Inside Backpack
Jason Laird

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