Some people like ketchup with their steak. Some people even like it on their eggs, but my kids love to dip their green beans in ketchup. I have heard of recipes with green beans and bacon in BBQ sauce, but I could not find any recipes with green beans and ketchup.

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It began when my daughter when was just learning to eat. Like most babies, she ate finger foods that she could pick up with her hands. She dipped a green bean in ketchup and never stopped. Then, when my son came along, it was monkey see monkey do. Before we knew it he started dipping his green beans in ketchup too. Now whenever we have green beans with our meals I hear, "Dad! Can we have some ketchup?"

Proof that my kids love beans in ketchup
Proof that my kids love beans in ketchup

Beans with Ketchup

Proof that my kids love beans in ketchup

I cannot stand green beans, and I do not believe ketchup would change that since it is mostly a texture thing for me. Fresh green beans are to "fuzzy" and canned beans are just too mushy.

However, just because I detest green beans, doesn't mean I'm exempt when it comes to eating weird kid food. For example, when I was a kid and my mom made Pork 'N Beans. I would always proclaim loudly that I had to have the "Pork 'N." What is the "Pork 'N" you ask? Why it is the little bit of bacon fat that comes in the can. I always had to have that part with my beans, and to this day my Mom and Dad tease me about it.

Pork and beans seasoned with bourbon whiskey, molasses, and brown sugar
Candice Bell

Pork and beans

"Pork N" not seen here

Remember how I said people liked ketchup on their eggs? It's is a pretty common thing in the United States, or at least not uncommon. Well, I gave my mom a call wondering if there was something else I ate that was weird or odd when I was younger that I was forgetting.

Turns out I had to put mustard on my scrambled eggs. So, I guess I know where my kids get their weird and inappropriate use of condiments from.

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