As a child, anything can seem possible.  There aren't any rules or guidelines really, because you haven't ever tried some of these things.  Riding a bike for the first time, or maybe a horse.  Playing a sport for the first time, or even unwrapping that brand new video game and giving it a whirl.

Children will also push boundaries.  I don't mean things like being rude or manners type things.  They will push the limits and boundaries of their own little bodies, just for the sake of doing it because they don't have the experience of what could happen.

Especially if things go south.  Which, apparently, it is with this common item in most every home in America.


While The Statistics Aren't Specific to Montana, You Know It Is Happening

How many times have you witnessed (caught) your child jumping off of something they shouldn't.  Or sliding down something.  Or rappelling, taking a bike where they shouldn't.  The examples are plenty.

This one took me a few to get, but I understand how it happens.

Have you ever considered your ceiling fan a dangerous appliance that you need to police your children from?  The statistics say that maybe you should be.


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Pediatricians and More Are Raising Flags About the Ceiling Fan

Just last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics released data showing that the ceiling fan is becoming more of a danger to young children across the country and the world.  But what are the reasons for those injuries?

In the data, it was revealed that many of those accidents happen when children are playing on furniture, especially bunk beds.  When jumping off, the taller heights will allow contact with the fans.  However, a surprising number of those accidents were caused by the parents.  The playful toss of your child near a fan is, well, an accident waiting to happen.

From the website:

International research shows ceiling fans cause head injuries in children, often when children are playfully thrown in the air or accidentally lifted too close to the fan; or they climb or jump on furniture, especially bunk beds.  Although most injuries are minor, skull fractures were reported in 5% to 18% of cases treated in emergency departments in Australia.  Metal ceiling fans can cause dramatic penetrating injuries to the skull; one child died of such an injury in Iraq and severe injuries may require neurosurgery.

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